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Chicagoland Aquariums Services Overview

Here at ChicagoLand Aquariums, we provide a full range of services not only for aquariums, but also ponds and providing livestock for them as well as a full maintenance and cleaning plan.

We take pride at not only offering you the best advice in the industry, but all of the equipment and livestock that we hold in our inventory is also the best in the business. Our staff are experts at what they do and they are capable of guiding you towards the correct equipment for your own personal needs with this being decided after a consultation with one of our experts.


Full Service From Beginning to End

We take pride in the experience and knowledge that we have built up at ChicagoLand Aquariums since our inception 15 years ago. We have built a team that fully understands every aspect of owning an aquarium or pond from its initial design and manufacturing to stocking it with the best livestock in the industry and then maintaining it and cleaning it on a regular basis.

We have the capabilities of assisting you with every part as our team are experts at taking your drawings of an aquarium or pond and building it to your specifications. Our equipment department will advise you on the best items to purchase within your budget to suit your aquarium as this will ensure it runs smoothly and your fish can flourish as a result.

Design and Installation

Our design and installation department have years worth of experience within this industry, so there is no job that is too complex for them to tackle. We offer a professional service whereby a member of our team will take your ideas and turn them into a stunning reality.


Our mainstay is the aquarium business and we can custom built the perfect one for your needs or the space available in your home. We only believe in using the best materials from start to finish and the result is an aquarium that you can rightfully be proud of. We can help you with getting the correct equipment and fish and then our maintenance service will mean that it can be kept in pristine condition allowing you to enjoy your aquarium without the hassle.



Ponds can be spectacular in any yard, but it is important that they are built in the correct manner in order to prevent any future problems from developing. Here at ChicagoLand Aquariums we are experts at not only designing the pond, but also installing it with the correct drainage, lining material and filtration equipment. We can also then help you with maintaining it without disturbing the ecosystem as our team are experts at knowing what needs to be done to keep everything in equilibrium at all times.


Our livestock department is the best in the business and we have a wide range available at all times. We offer a guarantee of the quality of our livestock and through a careful selection process for either your pond or aquarium we know that they will flourish. We also educate you on how to look after your livestock and how to identify problems at the earliest opportunity.


Caring for your fish and maintaining your aquarium or pond can be a time consuming task and in the world today so many of us no longer have the time to dedicate to it. This can, in turn, have a detrimental impact on the health of your fish as well as spoiling the aesthetic value of your aquarium or pond.

However, thanks to our maintenance service it no longer has to be as difficult as you think since we can visit your home or office and carry out regular maintenance to insure that everything does indeed look in pristine condition. We only use the best products in the industry and we can guarantee a cleaner, well maintained aquarium at all times.

So if you have any questions or require some advice on your current aquarium or pond, then contact us today at 815-304-5666 and speak to one of our experts. We are happy to take your calls and deal with any issue that you may have with each inquiry being dealt with professionally and take advantage of our experience within the industry that has been built up over the last 15 years.

Our Service Area Includes (But not limited to):

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We also grow and collect rare and exotic corals from all over the world.

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