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A pond can be an excellent addition to your garden, but of course you will want to know that you have not only designed it correctly, but you have the correct equipment in place from the outset. Installing a pond can be a massive undertaking, so it makes sense to hire the services of a team of experts who can help you along the way and that team of experts is ChicagoLand Aquariums.

Our staff have years of experience within this particular field and that experience can be put to good use throughout the process from start to finish. We can provide you with expert advice on not only the initial design, but the installation itself including equipment, the livestock that you should be putting in your pond, and also how to then maintain and clean it to keep your fish nice and healthy.


Pond Design

It is important to know that there is more to the designing of a pond than merely digging a hole. Instead, you need to understand the importance of the movement of water, so did you know that there has to be a slope and particular drains in the base to ensure that all of that slime and mud can move towards the pump and filtration system so that it can be treated?

Our team of experts can advise you on the best shape and size of your pond not only for where it is going in your yard, but also for the type of fish that you are planning on putting in there. We understand the amount of space that certain species need as well as the maximum number you should be putting in there at the one time, so allow our staff to take your initial dream and turn it into something more real with you then having the pond that you have always wanted.

Pond Equipment

ChicagoLand Aquariums can help you with every piece of equipment that you need in order to have your pond running smoothly. We know how important it is to have everything in place from the outset, so that is why we can advise you on the correct lining for your pond, the best filtration systems, skimmers, and generally ensure that your pond will be able to function to the best of its ability.

We only believe in using the best equipment in the industry as quality always speaks for itself, but we take the size of your pond into consideration before ultimately providing you with the correct items to even ensure that the ecosystem within your pond is perfect. There is more to it than just having the correct pump, so we can also provide you with monitoring equipment that can check not only the health of your fish, but the quality of the water and if any changes have to be made to ensure their continued health.

Pond Livestock

When you have invested so much time and money into build a pond you will of course want to be sure that the livestock that is in there is also the best that money can buy. That is where we at ChicagoLand Aquariums really can help because not only will we advise you on the best livestock for your own pond, but we can also then provide you with quality species that will thrive in those conditions. ‚Äč

You never want to buy second rate livestock just to save money because instead you should be focusing on only buying from a source that can assure you of the quality of the fish along with making sure that they are healthy before they even get to you.

Our team are also experts at identifying disease and then treating it within your livestock, so if you have any concerns about the state of your fish, then give us a call to allow a member of staff to come up with the perfect solution.

Pond Maintenance & Cleaning

Looking after your pond does not have to be a complex or time consuming issue, but at ChicagoLand Aquariums we know that not everybody has the free time that is required in order to keep your pond in pristine condition. That is why we now offer a special maintenance service whereby we do the hard work for you and look after your pond on a regular basis.

Our experts will come to your pond, check the status of the equipment and if any repairs or cleaning is required, check the water quality, the health of your fish, and offer a general cleaning service. We have 15 years experience of providing this particular service and have direct experience of dealing with every issue that you care to imagine. The fact that we are also on call 24/7 for the sake of emergencies means that we have a level of customer care that cannot be beaten within the industry.

If you are even just considering installing a pond, or if you are needing some assistance with maintaining it, then give us a call today on (815) 304-5666 to talk to one of our team. We will be more than happy to discuss any of your needs with you and offer the best advice in the industry to help you get the pond that you have always wanted.

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