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There is no doubting the ability of an aquarium being able to just lift the mood of a room. Just seeing those fish in a great setting and perfect lighting can also be rather soothing when everything is done correctly. Here at ChicagoLand Aquariums we can provide you with assistance on every part of owning one from the original design, to the equipment you need, to livestock for it, and also a regular maintenance plan to ensure that it is kept in perfect condition.

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Aquarium Design

When it comes to the design of your aquarium you will spend some time with our expert designer who will listen to what you want to get from owning your own aquarium, how you envision it to look, and of course what your available budget is. They will then take those ideas and turn them into a stunning reality resulting in you having the aquarium that you have always dreamt of. It does not matter how complex you believe your ideas to be because our team has the experience within the industry to take what may seem like a pipe dream and make it real.

We only ever use the best materials in the creation of your aquarium, so you can be sure of a quality product from start to finish and something that you can rightfully be proud of.

Aquarium Equipment

Our team here at ChicagoLand Aquariums will be able to advise you on the correct equipment that you will require for your aquarium. We look at the aquarium itself, the type of livestock that you plan on having in there, and of course the money that you have available before ultimately giving you a number of options to consider. We also only use the best names in the industry, so no matter if it is pumps, filters, lighting, tubing, ornamentation, or even just plants for inside your aquarium, then you know that you are buying quality at affordable prices.

The range of equipment that we have in stock is extensive and the best in the area.

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AQUARIUM Livestock

There is more to buying livestock than just selecting fish that you think will look good. Instead, our team of experts will look at the aquarium that you have in place and can advise you on the best livestock to purchase for your own tank. We can guide you on how many fish you should have according to the space and also then how to care for them to ensure that they remain in perfect health at all times.‚Äč

Aquarium Education

Looking after your aquarium is extremely important, but we also know that only doing half the job is just as bad as doing nothing at all. Instead, here at ChicagoLand Aquariums we can teach you how to clean and maintain your aquarium and to do so to top industry standards. Do you need to learn how to clean the filtration system and pumps? We can help. Want to know the best way to clean debris from the gravel and remove that algae? We can help. Are you unsure as to how much water you should change and how to do it? We can help with that as well.

Our team of experts are available to deal with any question that you may have with cleaning, but we also know that the actual maintenance of your aquarium is also extremely important. That is why we will also educate you on how to maintain your own aquarium from checking the quality of the water to the tell tale signs of there being a possible issue with the health of your fish.

Aquarium Maintenance

At ChicagoLand Aquariums we know that a lot of people perhaps do not have the time at hand to really maintain their aquarium to the standard that they should. However, that is fine by us as we not only teach you how to maintain and clean your aquarium to ensure the health of your fish, but we also offer a special maintenance service. This service can be on a weekly basis, bi-monthly, monthly, or even as an emergency as our staff are on call no matter the time of day.

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